Archives: May 2016

Townhome Elegance in Ambler

Are you looking for a new home that epitomizes convenience and class? Would you like the ability to own an individual space, while still feeling a part of your community? Do you love the look of landscaped properties, but dread the cost and upkeep? If all of these items are on your checklist, search no further! Townhouses […]

The Obvious Alternative Investment

Rental homes can be a natural alternative investment choice for homeowners because they are already familiar with houses. Maintenance on a rental is not that much different than on your personal home. The same plumbers, painters and other workmen can be used to make repairs. Single family homes offer an investor high loan-to-value mortgages at […]

7 Out of 50 Could Save Money

It is estimated that seven million out of 50 million homeowners could save money by refinancing their existing mortgages. Obviously, if the replacement mortgage has a lower rate than your existing one, you will save money. If you bought a home before 2011 and are paying mortgage insurance, you should investigate refinancing to eliminate that […]

The 6 Resources You Must Use When Buying a Home

Scrolling through online listing photos, scouting for the best neighborhoods, and pondering décor in your new home is fun. But the home search itself is not the only enjoyable experience; the entire home buying process can be pleasant when you have access to the best tools. Here are the top six resources you should use to make buying a home […]

You may never stop paying for some improvements

You’ve saved the money and are ready to pay cash to build a new pool for your home. However, that’s just the beginning of your soon to be increased expenses which will include maintenance, higher utilities and higher taxes. Homeowners obviously benefit by a larger equity when their home increases in value due to appreciation. […]

TownHomes in Upper Dublin Township

There are 24 Town Homes currently on the market in Upper Dublin Township. 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom properties available in popular communities like Willowmere, Enclave at Bellaire, Meadow View Estates and Tannerie Woods to name a few. Upper Dublin Townhomes are a smart alternative to owning your own home without the added […]

Your home may be worth a lot more than you think

Real estate lost a lot of value during the recession but most areas have rebounded considerably. In some cases, the homes are worth more than they were before the housing bubble burst. The dynamics are classic for this type of market: inventories are low, mortgage rates are low and demand is high. All price ranges […]

5 Simple Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Indoor Garden

Many homeowners find gardening is an enjoyable outdoor activity with several additional benefits: enhancing curb appeal, creating bright pops of color, and even providing homegrown ingredients for meals. But outdoor plants need just the right amount of sunshine, space, fertile soil, and maintenance to be able to flourish. You don’t need to abandon your dream of having a […]